Welcome to the Venue Gateway

With Brick your visitors has a smooth and easy way to charge their phones! Here you can find all info you need about Brick and your station! Click options below to get started

How do I set up my station?
It’s easy! Plug in. Turn on. Connect. Charge! The Brick app works the same all over the world! First of all, place the station in a good, visible spot, where the station can be seen and used. Both 6 slot and 12 slot stations come with power banks, a power cord, and an AC Adapter. It's the same steps for both types of stations. 1. Put in the power banks in the station. 2. Connect the power cord and adapter. Plug in the power cord to a power outlet. Green light on the adapter means it has power. 3. Plug in the station and turn it on with the button. 4. Blinking lights = starting up, From left to right = Searching for network, Stable lights on all power banks = Ready. Wait a few minutes for the lights to get stable. 5. Test the station 5-7 minutes after you've got stable lights to make sure it has found a good connection. Scan the station and rent a Brick! Here’s video instructions: Get started with the 6 slot station and the 12 slot station
How Brick works
You can download the app here or scan the QR code on the station to get started. Register with your mobile number and choose a payment method of your choice, this has to be done even if you would be renting for free. Scan the station’s QR code to unlock a powerbank. Grab the released powerbank, connect your device and press the side button to start charging. End your rental by returning the powerbank to any station. When you hear a click and the light by the returned power bank is shining, the power bank is returned. You can check the app or email after a minute or two to check that the rental has ended. Here’s video of how to rent with the Brick App and with Appless.
Contact support
Users having problems/questions? Contact our support team via the app or the website. Do you as a venue have problems/questions? Reach out to your local Brick representative or contact our support team via the app or the website.
Can I rent for free?
Yes, if you work at a venue with one of our stations you should be able to use Brick for free! If you have not been informed about how to do this contact your local Brick representative.
My station is broken
I’m so sorry to hear that! Please get in touch with us and we’ll sort this out for you!
Order new stations
Great! Please reach out to us here and you can order new stations.