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Don’t let an empty battery be a buzzkill for your guests. Place a Brick powerbank station to keep the night going!
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Nothing can ruin a good night more than a dead phone battery. This is not only true for guests, but also for your staff. Asking for chargers, providing chargers, losing chargers, or charging phones behind the bar is simply an unnecessary inconvenience for everyone. Powerbank stations could therefore be a game-changer for your bar! By introducing Brick, you not only provide a convenient charging solution for your guests - but also show your commitment to creating an accommodating atmosphere. Fully charged phones ensure safety during the day and late at night!

Offer convenience

Your guests will appreciate the convenience of being able to charge their devices while socializing, prolonging their stay and tab. Reduce the workload of your staff and focus on exceptional service.

Device adaptability

Our 3-in-1 powerbanks come with chargers available for Android, iPhone and Type-C. No one has to worry about running out of battery!

Safety & connectivity

Help your guests stay connected and get home safely after a night out with a fully charged device. It’s the small things that let you stand out from the crowd.

How to get started

Sparked your interest to get a Brick powerbank station? Awesome! Having a Brick station is completely free of charge, we handle all customer support, installation and maintenance when needed. Let’s make it happen!
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What stations would you recommend for bars?
Depending on the size of your bar, we recommend either The Hut, our small 6-slot station, or The Condo, a medium-sized 12-slot station. The unassuming look of The Hut station complements any bar aesthetic. The Condo has a sleeker design and more perceptible presence, adding more to the atmosphere while offering a larger charging capacity, making it popular among larger pubs and bars.
Where should I place a powerbank station?
The station should be accessible and easy to find. Smaller stations will need some help to stand out and should therefore be placed in a visible spot. Place these on eye-level with the Brick stand or place them on a bar/counter!
How does renting work?
The user can rent a powerbank by scanning the QR-code on the station by using the Brick app or webpage. A powerbank will be ejected with built-in cables for Android, iPhone, and Type-C. Once they’re done charging, they can return the powerbank at any Brick powerbank station. They can charge their phone on-the-go, no need to be confined to a power outlet!
Who’s responsible for customer support and maintenance?
We are! You don’t have to worry about anything. Users can contact us through the app or webpage regarding any issue related to their powerbank rental. If you notice any irregularity regarding your powerbank station, get in touch with Brick and we’ll sort the issue.
What happens after I order a station?
After placing your station order, Brick HQ will reach out to you to confirm your station order. We can launch anywhere within EU and North America.

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