Get a power bank sharing station for your venue - free of charge

Twelve slot Brick rental station

Quick Setup

Easy installation for instant power

Longer dwell-time

Keep them charging, keep them spending

Satisfied customers

Go the extra mile by catering to their digital needs

What’s the right fit for you?

Small Brick station

Brick Hut

6 batteries

Charging solution for cafés, speak-easies, and gym venues.

A minimalist and compact power hub. Ideal for smaller venues that want a lowkey yet eye-catching unit.

13x14x21 cm
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Medium Brick station

Brick Condo

12 batteries

Charging solution for popular bars, internet cafés, and reception desks.

A versatile power bank charging hub, perfect for lively venues, co-branding, and events.

32.5x25.5x19 cm
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Tall Brick station

Brick Totem

Stand for single station

Make your venue stand out with a beautiful back-lit Brick stand.

Transform any of the smaller stations into an eye-catching stand-alone piece.

110x27x27 cm
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Single Brick station

Brick Tower

24 batteries

The charging solution for night clubs, VIP-areas, and events.

A tall and sleek tower featuring an LCD-screen and well-lit slots. The perfect addition to elevate a vibrant atmosphere.

170x28.5x22.5 cm
LCD 21.5"
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The Skyscraper

Brick Skyscraper

48 batteries

Create a better visitor experience with our charging solution for malls, arenas, and festivals.

A captivating station for high-traffic venues, featuring an LCD-screen to engage the audience with content.

200x68x62 cm
LCD 42"
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Prefer a premium model?

Consider our stations and rental solution as your blank canvas. With a premium deal, you can imprint your brand on the station’s sides and request a customized webpage for a first-rate digital renting experience
Twelve slot Brick rental station

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5 steps to get started

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How much will it cost to start?

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Costs for power consumption

Curious about the power consumption of the stations? Don’t worry, it’s quite low. How low? Let’s find out!

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What can I expect to earn?

What is the pay-off time? How much will actually end up in my pockets after all is said and done? It depends.

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What help will I get after signing?

What does the partner success program actually entail? How can Brick help after signing?

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How do I promote the business?

Anxious about how to actually promote your network? Don’t worry, it’s actually ridiculously easy!

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