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Being in control of your personal data is important, yet seems to be very complicated at times. We, at Brick, believe it should be simple. That's why we've broken down our privacy policy to make it simple for both of us! Below you can read about how we handle your personal data, what we do to protect it, and how you can exercise your data rights. If you have any remaining questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Our privacy policy in short

Brick prioritizes personal integrity and works actively to process your personal data with the utmost care. Below you can read our summarized privacy policy as key themes in snackable sections. You can read our entire privacy policy here

What is a privacy policy
We explain how Brick handles data in its operations through a privacy policy. It's a policy to protect our users against predatory data practices and ourselves by being transparent. Depending on your relationship with Brick, different portions of our privacy policy may apply to you. Brick collects and retains information about you as a Brick users, lead, and partner.
The type of data we use
There are two ways we receive your personal data. There is personal information you provide yourself when interacting with Brick and information we collect from other internal and external sources. Data provided by you is only collected if required to meet legal obligations or fulfill agreements. The personal information you share about yourself could, for example, include: - Name, email address and payment details. Personal information we collect about you could, for example, include: - Device data, country.
Why we use your data
We continuously work to improve Brick. We could, therefore, potentially use your data for the following: -Provide you with the services you suggested -Provide you with support -Perform statistical analyses of Brick users
Exporting, removing & deleting your data
In general, you have the right to: - Request a copy of data: you have the right to request a copy of your personal data we have collected. To do so, please review 'my privacy request'. - Request for rectification: you have the right to request your personal information to be rectified or completed. - Request deletion of your personal data: you have the right to request for personal data - that Brick is not obliged to keep - to be deleted. In some instances, deletion of specific information may be limited as we are required to retain certain data by law.
We take our responsibility to safeguard your data and privacy seriously. We keep your best interest in mind by complying with applicable laws and requirements. We continuously assess our privacy and data collection policies to keep you safe.
Keeping your data safe
We practice data minimization, that means we limit data collection to only what is required to fulfill a specific purpose. We will only use the least amount of data necessary and will not use the data for any other purposes or processes without consent. We make sure that only the right people have access and encrypt data where appropriate.

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We value transparency. We want you to understand your rights on data collection, processing, and privacy.
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We feel responsible We safeguard your data and have your best interest in mind.
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