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Don’t confine your travelers to a power outlet. Place Brick powerbank stations to allow travelers to roam around!
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Travelers rely on their phones for communication, entertainment, and documentation while traveling. It’s therefore not uncommon for them to have low battery levels before or after a long flight! With the ever-increasing need for connectivity, integrating Brick powerbank stations into your airport services presents a valuable chance for optimization. Show your commitment to safe charging and enhancing the travel experience and convenience at your airport!

Airport optimization

Optimize the airport experience for the modern-day traveler and meet their evolving needs. Powerbank stations can be strategically placed in landslide and airside areas to ensure easy accessibility.

Airport engagement

Allow travelers the freedom to roam around and utilize airport services while charging their devices. Translate traveler convenience and satisfaction into an opportunity to boost airport revenue.

Airport experience

Improve the airport experience and overall value of airport services and reputation. Small changes can have a big impact. Make a meaningful difference in your travelers’ journey and help them stay connected with their loved ones.

How to get started

Sparked your interest to get a Brick powerbank station? Awesome! Having a Brick station is completely free of charge, we handle all customer support, installation and maintenance when needed. Let’s make it happen!
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What stations would you recommend for airports?
Due to the high traffic of people, airports require a large charging capacity. Depending on the size of the airport, several 48-slot powerbank stations can provide sufficient charging capacity to safely meet the needs of a large number of travelers, ensuring that they can stay connected throughout their journey.
Where should I place a powerbank station?
Place the stations on both air- and landslide close to gates, waiting areas, restaurants, transit lounges, or information desks to provide easy charging to both travelers and those who are waiting for their friends or family!
How does renting work?
The user can rent a powerbank by scanning the QR-code on the station by using the Brick app or webpage. A powerbank will be ejected with built-in cables for Android, iPhone, and Type-C. Once they’re done charging, they can return the powerbank at any Brick powerbank station. They can charge their phone on-the-go, no need to be confined to a power outlet!
Who’s responsible for customer support and maintenance?
We are! You don’t have to worry about anything. Users can contact us through the app or webpage regarding any issue related to their powerbank rental. If you notice any irregularity regarding your powerbank station, get in touch with Brick and we’ll sort the issue.
What happens after I order a station?
After placing your station order, Brick HQ will reach out to you to confirm your station order. We can launch anywhere within EU and North America, it depends on where our closest partner is!

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