Become a Brick Partner

Ambitious, connected, and focused partners should leverage professional networks to quickly deploy stations in targeted regions. Network Partner: Requires sales and marketing experience, technical know-how, and local business community insight, particularly in hospitality. Market Operator: Needs business acumen, preferably in sales/marketing, connections in high-traffic venues, technical understanding, ambition, and partnership management skills. Must foster local and international franchise partnerships. All partners must understand English and speak the local language fluently. A financial commitment covers initial costs until market maturity, estimated at 18 months, with a minimum 12-month contract. Operations should align with Stockholm business hours. Eligibility will be confirmed via email post-review, leading to the full application process for potential Brick partnership.
Regardless of your chosen partnership, all partners must establish a registered company with a valid VAT/tax ID number. Your company's name does not need to include "Brick".

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Why become a Brick partner?

Easy to launch

From production and technical integrations to branding, we handle nearly everything needed to kickstart your powerbank sharing venture. Your mission? Hit the ground running and connect with prime locations for your stations.

Stable cashflow

Once you've strategically placed a Brick station, you're set to enjoy a reliable revenue stream for years to come. It's a cyclical income model, but one that remains steadfast. By adhering to our joint success plan, achieving your ROI target is well within reach.

Global support

With Brick's presence in 30+ countries and counting, partnering with us means tapping into a worldwide network of knowledge and collective support. Whatever question arises, it's been answered before.


What can I expect once I submit my application?
Before we proceed, Brick will review your application. A Brick representative will contact you to arrange an initial discussion where you can explore the role of a Brick Partner and discuss your goals. If there is a mutual interest, we will schedule a follow-up meeting to delve into finer the details.
What does Brick seek in a partner?
We are constantly in search of partners who have the potential to catapult the Brick brand and its products to new heights in their respective markets, bringing a fresh perspective to our partnership!
Which partnership suits me best?
It depends on your goals and resources. Market Operators enter into a a partnership centered around achieving market saturation together with Brick. As such it requires more upfront investment in terms of both money and time. Network Partnership, on the other hand, is a partnership centered around building a passive income portfolio independently.
What is the startup time?
Our priority is to always get new partners started as quickly as we can. The speed at which we can get you started depends on several key factors: the region where you intend to operate, the scale of your investment or partnership, specific market requirements, and the process of company registration.
How much will I earn?
As a Brick Partner, you have the authority to set rental prices within your station network. We offer daily, hourly, or 30-minute rate options, tailored to specific markets. Currently, the global average stands at €3.4 per rental, with the number of rentals influenced by venue type and placement. Our most successful partners conduct thorough research and strategically position their stations for optimal results.