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Let your customers take care of the charging themselves. They'll be satisfied, and you'll avoid the hassle. We're here to help you out. Get a Brick powerbank station!
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Quick Setup

Simple installation for instant power.

Longer dwell-time

Visitors who have full batteries, stay longer.

Satisfied customers

Accessibility and convenience, what's not to love?

The best charging solution in Sverige

  • Improved customer experience

    Regardless of your venue's type or size, providing a solution to a common problem will improve your customer satisfaction. Alleviate the stress of low phone battery for your patrons!

  • We take care of maintenance

    Consider everything taken care of. Brick handles station maintenance and charger refills. Customer support? We've got that covered too. All these services are entirely free of charge!

  • Increased traffic and dwell time

    Venues with a Brick station are showcased in the Brick app, reaching thousand of users and giving your traffic a significant boost. Not to mention that users tend to extend their stay and enjoy themselves more when not having to worry about low batteries!

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What’s the right fit for you?

Small Brick station

Brick Hut

The Hut - 6 batteries

Charging solution for cafés, speak-easies, and gym venues.

A minimalist and compact power hub. Ideal for smaller venues that want a lowkey yet eye-catching unit.

32.5x25.5x19 cm
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Medium Brick station

Brick Condo

The Condo – 12 batteries

Charging solution for popular bars, internet cafés, and reception desks.

A versatile power bank charging hub, perfect for lively venues, co-branding, and events.

24x50x30 cm
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Tall Brick station

Brick Totem

Stand for single station

Make your venue stand out with a beautiful back-lit Brick stand.

Transform any of the smaller stations into an eye-catching stand-alone piece.

110x27x27 cm
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Single Brick station

Brick Tower

Tower station – 24 batteries

The charging solution for night clubs, VIP-areas, and events.

A sleek tower featuring an LCD screen and well-lit slots. The perfect addition to elevate a vibrant atmosphere.

170x22.5x38.5 cm
LCD 21.5"
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The Skyscraper

Brick Skyscraper

Skyscraper – 48 slots

Create a better visitor experience with our charging solution for malls, arenas, and festivals.

A captivating station for high-traffic venues, featuring an LCD-screen to engage the audience with content.

200x68x62 cm
LCD 42"
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Charging solution

Don't underestimate the value-added service a station will provide to your customers. It's simple, effective, and a good look for you. Order your station today!
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Image of  small and medium powerbank station

Branded deals

Tired of the ordinary and looking for a bit more spice? Consider our stations your blank canvas. Let's have a look together at how we can create a co-branded experience that leaves a lasting impression.
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Where to place your stations

We guide you every step of the way, even through finding the best station placement at your venue.

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What is the venue agreement?

What do you actually sign up for when you get a Brick station? No hidden fees, no fine prints.

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