Smiling face made up of charging batteries

About us

Brick is a Stockholm based startup, founded spring 2019, with the ambition to bring powerbanks to people who forgot to bring a charger, don't want to buy one, or simply want to get on with their day even when the phone's dying. In other words, making "running out of battery" a thing of the past.

Brick came to be after an unfortunate incident with a new app-controlled apartment lock, a dead phone, and a cold night. Some might think a conventional key-controlled lock is an answer, but why treat the symptom when everything is getting more mobile and a dead phone can bring your day, or night, to an abrupt halt?

In January 2020 Brick launched after 6 months of development. Of course, we don't think everyone got locked out of their apartment once a week, but we do think people need a charged phone to get through their day.

Today, Brick can be found all over Sweden, and the rest of the world.