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About us

Story Time

Brick came to life after an unfortunate incident with a new app-controlled apartment lock, a dead phone, and a cold night. It was rough, but it got our minds spinning. We don't think everyone gets locked out of their apartment - at least, we hope not. But we know that everyone is familiar with the low battery notification at the worst possible timing. It's doable when you're at home, but what do you do when you're out?

Speaking from personal experience, we can tell you that people start to panic. We realised how dependent we are on our phones for our daily lives. Charging your phone whenever you need it should be an accessible service. But, what about charging your phone on-the-go, without having to buy your own charger and drop it off when you're finished for the next person to use? Now there was a concept that deserved exploration.

We made it happen. Brick launched in January 2020 after 6 months of development. Today, Brick can be found all over the world and continuously adding new markets. We sure as hell aren't the only ones who panic(ked).

The Sharing Economy

Yes, public charging ports already exist. But, they can raise concerns about safety and feel like miniature jail cells. You're plugged in, but you're confined; stranded in a zone with limited movement. This zone, the 'dead space', is what we target.

Building upon the concept of the sharing economy, we created the possibility of movement while charging. You rent a powerbank from one station, giving you the freedom to go about your business, and later return it to either the same station or another. The powerbank is then available for someone else to use. It's sharing without the weight of ownership, spanning across cities or countries.

Brick Partnerships

Early on, we realized the challenges of expanding into new markets without being physically present. Our approach is not solely about product introduction, it's about creating an ecosystem where Brick fits in. By partnering with entrepreneurs, we've established a network of local representatives who understand their respective markets.

This localized approach allow us to tap into local insight to bridge the gap between Brick and the unique needs of each market. It's collaboration that drives innovation!

Our Official Channels

Brick Technology has a number of official social channels, website, and blogs. If it is not listed below it is an impersonator and attempted scam.

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